What is growspace?

my space for development

I know.

I know what I

  • can (strengths/weaknesses)
  • want (energizer/energy killer)

I grow.

I'm growing with suitable

  • learning objectives (order)
  • content (level of difficulty)
  • didactic methods

to remain employable in the long term.

I flow.

I have fun and success in my job, as I know

  • which tasks I should do more or less to stay healthy
  • what I can do to work even better together with my colleagues
  • how good my job suits me and which other job would suit me even better
What is different for me as an employee?
  • I know what I really enjoy and what takes me closer to my calling
  • I can control my own development and see my progress
  • I can get feedback on my skills at any time
  • I better understand and shape relationships actively with my colleagues
  • I have a good base for my appraisal interviews and initiate job adjustments or job changes
  • I get helpful hints like I get from a coach
What is different for me as a manager?
  • I create legally required job profiles (tasks, values, skills) easily in 15 min. and keep them up to date for my own benefit
  • I occupy teams optimally, avoid the self-similarity effect and miscasts and distribute tasks in my team appropriately
  • I support my colleagues in the best possible way and only invest in goal-oriented further training
  • I use diversity and content conflicts in the team for optimal solutions and enjoy leadership
  • I use the skill/energy analysis to check if we are properly positioned for change such as the digital transformation and know how to shape the change
What is different for me as HR?
  • For recruiting I have clear criteria through the job profiles (tasks, skills and energy), who we are really looking for
  • I save time in creating job ads, in recruiting and in training and increase the quality of the job-fits
  • I have transparency as to what training is needed and whether it helps
  • I can confidently support my colleagues in their development (PD) or separation and am valued by managers and colleagues as an internal consultant
  • I save time-consuming employee discussions / potential rounds and have more time to support my colleagues in organizational development
  • I can trust a scientifically based and field-tested tool that meets all the requirements of the DSGVO
What is different for me as a consultant?
  • I can recommend executives a tried-and-tested tool that sets me apart from the competition
  • I know that the tool complies with all the requirements of the DSGV and the operators deal responsibly with data
  • I cause concern for my clients through the analysis and create fun to continue to work on themselves
  • The results after my workshops are used continuously, have consequences and a lasting effect
  • I actively promote diversity and content conflicts in the team and show the participants how they can handle it